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6 Ways to Audit Your Online Shop on SOCIAL to drive more sales!

Written by Amanda Adamcheck


Posted on April 02 2019

Hey girl! You started your online shop because you thought, hey no overhead, throw up a website, add in an IG page, and the sales will come...sounds easy enough? Then you started and quickly realized, OH SH*T, there is more to this than I thought!

You post every day, you're on stories, you're doing #AllTheThings but you're not hearing the Cha-Ching of the sales notifications coming in all day just yet. I FEEL YOU.

You want so badly to start making REAL $ instead of just investing it back into more inventory. And you feel like something is MISSING. You're sick of not growing your audience, can't figure out how to drive more traffic to your site, and aren't quite sure what to do to grow your loyal customer base to keep coming back for more.

While I wish I could tell you some secret formula to give you instant results...the truth's way deeper than that. It's more than a "how to get more followers" solution. It's going back to the foundations. The elements that make your biz stand out among the 23423 other shops out there. And I want to share with you what those six key elements are....



Get the image below to get the FREE GUIDE! This is perfect for Etsy sellers trying to sell more on social, boutique shop owners, or product-based online shop owners selling via an e-commerce store!



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